Starting out your cancer journey can be overwhelming, and CanSER is here to help!

Get information on common cancer types so you can be more informed on your diagnosis. Also, learn about the emotional/mental health needs, how to get/give support etc. Additionally, gain access to firsthand narratives of individuals who have undergone their own cancer journeys so you can know what to anticipate!

Recent Posts:

  • Doing Your Research!

    Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. Amidst the flurry of emotions and medical appointments, it’s crucial for…

  • Getting involved in the Community!- Pediatric Cancer Focus

    When dealing with the weight of a cancer diagnosis, especially that of your child, it can be incredibly overwhelming and daunting. Getting involved in local and national organizations can help…

  • Exploring Common Types of Pediatric Cancer

    Pediatric cancer, though relatively rare compared to adult cancers, remains a significant health concern, impacting the lives of many children and their families. Understanding the common types of pediatric cancer…

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