Our Cancer Concierge volunteers are the backbone of our chapter and the organization.

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Patients looking to match with a concierge: please sign up for the program and then reach out to CanSER admin (info@can-ser.org) to connect!

Sevi V.

Breast Cancer Survivor

Why I am a Concierge:

When I first received the diagnosis, it hit me like a wave of devastation. I was at a loss, unsure of where even to begin. However, reaching out proved to be a turning point, as I discovered a circle of remarkable women who had walked a similar path. These friends became my pillars of support, offering a compassionate ear and sharing precious insights, from managing emotions to finding comfort in home remedies. Their unwavering encouragement inspired me to want to give back to our community. My ultimate aspiration is to be there for others in the same way my companions were there for me.

About Me:

I was diagnosed during my 40s through the routine annual mammogram. The treatment process turned out to be a challenging journey that I had never anticipated. Navigating surgeries, enduring chemotherapy sessions, and facing daily radiation treatments took a substantial toll on both me and my family. While having a strong support network was crucial, the physical and emotional endurance required cannot be underestimated. Alongside my roles as a working professional, a wife, and a mother to a 16-year-old, I found myself striving to maintain a semblance of normalcy throughout this trying time.

Interview Link: https://can-ser.org/sridevi-v-concierge-interview/

Kelly W.

Caretaker of Breast Cancer Patient

Why I am a Concierge:

I want to share my experience and help patients and also provide support.

About Me:

I was born in Beijing, China. I work at a financial company in public relations. I am in charge of internal and external events. I help through my company’s charity to donate my time and money to help poor children get better food. I like to do charitable things in my free time. I have also donated my time to other charities like the Red Cross. I want to continue helping people, and I am ready to do this through CanSER.

Interview Link: https://can-ser.org/kelly-w-concierge-interview/

Looking to be a volunteer?

Thank you so much for your interest in contributing to CanSER’s mission! We can’t wait to have you onboard!

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