Our Mission

With nearly 13 Million (2001-2019) cancer survivors needing emotional support, it is a national problem that needs a national solution! Unfortunately, NONE exists!

Our mission is to build a national organization with local chapters that is familiar & provides trustable one-on-one emotional support for cancer patients! We aim to do this by –

  1. Building a Seattle Chapter of CanSER offering emotional Support, Educational, Research resources. The Seattle chapter will be a template for other chapters to follow.
  2. Incessantly campaigning to build a national level organization, CanSER.org!

I wrote a whitepaper making my case. See below the gist and you can read the entire paper here!

Questions? → Check out the FAQ!

Our Founder

My name is Annika Vuppala and I am a High School junior.

I am passionate about helping cancer patients and furthering cancer research. which is why I decided to create CanSER!

I’m currently researching and have written numerous research papers to continue my interests in biochemistry and cancer biology. I have also run numerous fundraising events for Seattle Children’s Hospital and Fred Hutch Cancer Center to support their Cancer Research.

From my personal experience, I found there is a need for emotional support for cancer patients. I believe that the community of cancer survivors and past caretakers can come together to help. In founding CanSER, I hope to create an organization that unites the community against one of our most pressing issues— fighting cancer.

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