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Our Cancer Concierges are here to help you and your caretakers through the cancer journey. They are cancer survivors themselves or caretakers who have experienced it all. They are ready to provide you with emotional support, information, and more. As you move through the course of your treatment, not only will you have a helpful guide, but you might have built a life-long friend.

Currently, we are providing support to Breast Cancer and Pediatric Cancer families and patients (via this Seattle chapter).

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Looking to volunteer as a Concierge?

CanSER concierges are at the core of our services and we are so grateful that you want to be a part of CanSER’s mission of providing emotional support to cancer patients everywhere. We can’t wait to start working with you!

For Seattle area, you can sign up!

For other areas/cities, the chapters are not open yet! But we are gathering volunteer interest, so please let us know –

Questions? → Check out the FAQ!

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