What is the sign-up process to be a Cancer Concierge?

In the Seattle chapter, signing up to be a Cancer Concierge is easy! 

Fill out the sign-up form here. -> Complete the welcome interview -> Create your volunteer profile

What is the sign-up process to be a patient in the Cancer Concierge program?

You can become connected with a Concierge in just 3 steps!

Fill out the sign-up form here. -> Complete the welcome call -> Gain access to the database of concierges and connect!

What type of support is provided?

At CanSER, we provide Breast and Pediatric cancer patients and families with emotional and experiential support through our Cancer Concierge program.

Learn more about our program here.

What is expected out of a Cancer Concierge?

As a Cancer Concierge, patients will reach out to pair with you, and from there the connection kicks off! You will be there to answer any questions, concerns, or just be a friend to your patient. Supporting them emotionally and providing knowledge, experience, and advice will be your #1 job.

As a patient, what can you expect?

As a patient part of the Cancer Concierge program, the first step is to reach out to a Volunteer to pair with. Once the connection is made, feel free to share any questions, concerns, worries, etc that you have about your cancer journey or treatment. Your Concierge will answer your questions to the best of their ability, drawing on their knowledge and experience. Additional informational articles, ranging from being about different symptoms you can expect to cutting-edge treatments available, are available on the CanSER website. 

Your Concierge will also be there to support you emotionally as someone who understands the struggle you’re going through. 

How does the concierge-patient relationship work?

All messaging between the concierge and patient will happen on your communication method of choice. Concierges are there to answer any questions, concerns, or just be a friend. Concierges and patients are both expected to maintain cordial and professional conduct.

How can I ensure that my information stays private?

We ensure that whether you’re a patient or volunteer, all of your personal information stays private unless you give explicit consent to share it. Your privacy is our foremost concern.

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