Our Team

Founder: Annika Vuppala

My name is Annika Vuppala and I am a High School junior.

I started CanSER, because, I found there is a need for emotional support for cancer patients. I believe that the community of cancer survivors and past caretakers can come together to help. In founding CanSER, I hope to create an organization that unites the community against one of our most pressing issues— fighting cancer.

Krishna Vuppala, PhD

He has helped get this organization up and running from the very beginning and has helped with all the brainstorming of blogging/marketing/fundraising! I don’t know where I would be without him, thank you Dad! 

Sridevi Vuppala, MBA, PMP, CSM

Sridevi (my mom!), is my execution/action force behind all of my extracurriculars and has been an immense help with setting up this organization. 

Whenever there is an event to go to spread awareness about CanSER, she is always by my side. She helps me pursue ways to grow/fundraise and also provides the needed administrative support for all the volunteers. She is all about getting it done and I don’t know if I could pursue this without her support, thank you Mom! 

Resident Artist: Uppareswara Rao Uppala

Upparaeswara Rao (my Grandpa!) also wanted to get involved with CanSER’s philanthropic efforts! When he was visiting from India, he had ample time on his hands, so he decided to undertake a new project- Painting for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Over 5 months, he created two paintings and donated them to Seattle Children’s as part of his appreciation for all they do for the community.

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